Software Services Overview

Web Portals We have years of experience in designing and developing of web portals of varying magnitudes from e-commerce to real estate, auctions and search engines etc. We offer our clients effective web solutions to enable them to grow their business in this competitive and global marketplace. Our websites are loaded with numerous features and we further offer customization services as per the individual requirements.
Stock Market Linked solutions We design and develop tailor-made trading solution integrated with existing infrastructure as add-on features for online trading i.e. Limit Check, Risk Check, Connectivity Solutions etc. for individual/s trading desk. Each of these are very essential to deliver higher results that will create and sustain your portfolio position at par the market with competitive advantage.
Updating & Maintenance of Financial Software/s Any software need continuous refinement, improvement, upgradation and updation so they should not look old and obsolete. We specializes in redesign of existing software, upgrading front-end and backend. Sometimes even starting from scratch to achieve an effective state-of-the-art solutions only for individuals. Our team of software developers and creative team work closely to upgrade technology stack.
Mobile Solutions A perfect combination of our professional skills and experience makes us the ideal choice for your Android application development.Google Android has proved to be the most promising mobile platform with great features and innvovative interface. We possess a highly skilled team comprising of Android SDK programmers. They can help you become a part of the Google revolution. Samo Softwares is a consulting firm and has a strong focus on delivering the best, cost-effective services and solutions.
AI / Machine Learning solutions and advisory Samo Software's self learning services improve the quality sales leads by means of organic search results. The organic machine learning are those that can be found in the main body distributed system. Research studies have revealed that these organic machine learning are more efficient than the ready to use solutions.
Virtual Staffing A fairly innovative but increasingly popular concept, virtual staffing can serve businesses both big and small, as enterprises today require flexible staffing solutions to meet their strategic needs. Whether you are a successful home office looking for project-specific expertise or a large organization hard-pressed for extra office space and additional staffing, Our young techies can provide you with a large pool of skilled professionals who will act as your as Virtual Assistants and carry out routine office duties or specialized tasks from a remote location at a fraction of the original cost likely to be incurred by a well-equipped facility.

Main Services

Custom Software Applications
  • Software application migration to a new technological platform
  • Client/ Server Applications
  • Custom application development from scratches
  • Web Software Product development and marketing
  • Custom application enhancement with new business features, modules,etc…
  • Identifying the solution to implement the same and planned execution for continuous existing processes.
  • web application maintenance.
Open SourceCustomization
SAMO Softwares specializes in customization of open source softwares(OSS) as per your custom needs. Open source plateforms reduce the development time and cost associated with bringing an application from zero to the level which is already available in various open source softwares.
Your website is the virtual representation of your company, therefore importance of design should never be underestimated. A good-looking website will influence the user's initial perception of the site's value and encourage them to explore the site further.