Ultra low latency connectivity over internet
We have developed experties in ultra low latency connectivity between two exnterprise systems. These systems are useful in many intigrated applications
Started On-boarding dedicated server based enterprise setup
Added dedicated server based enterprise services hosting for small scale firms.
Artifical Intelligence Marketing
Artifical Inelligence based compeitative stretegy in online marketing and advertisement customized to clients.
AI Equity Trader engine
Small hedge funds keen to have ready and proven trading strategy for day trading, our AI Trader engine sniffs market through raw internet feeds like google finance, yahoo finance, G alerts, RSS feeds etc. Based on these data it suggests traders against watch list.

We Know What It Takesto be the Leader!

Samo Softwares is a small scale, long term player in the customized software product development in the industry with many satisfied valuable alliance clients. We are also a proven customized open-source software support provider tailor-made for customers. We onboard open source backed AI solutions for our elite customers. Knowledge and Innovation are our core values.

We provide customized software solutions to software vendors, system integrators, and end clients. We have one motto in doing all these. Give the right solutions at the right time with high-quality assurance in the cheapest possible way, with the greatest possible value addition to our alliance (client's) business.